Day 51 #robyns2016summeradventure

Thursday was a super funny day of lesson development. Last summer in St. Paul we developed a language lesson for #QawalangimTunuu that involved a little skit and was super effective so we decided to translate it into #NiiĝuĝimTunuu. The best part about this lesson is acting out the three different parts: sitting, eating, and working because as the lesson progresses our acting skills get worse and worse and suddenly we’re throwing cheerios into each other’s mouths and turning tables upside down. I have developed a reputation of being particularly bad at acting out “working” and I accidentally taught Nate how to be bad at it too, so the best part of our skit was when Nate and I were supposed to be “working” together. Sally thought it was especially funny and kept telling us to say that we weren’t working and instead were playing. As you can see we are really skilled at using these tools, anyone want to hire us for your next building project? Sometimes we were laughing so much it was almost impossible to get the words out. Even though our pronunciation might have suffered at least this language lesson was memorable. I know for a fact I’ll remember how to say “awakus!” #itsforthelanguage #WAYKSummerAtka


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