Day 47 #robyns2016summeradventure


Sunday it was supposed to be another sunny day and the language team agreed to go swimming again. Thankfully, it ended up being cloudy which is good because I was definitely not ready to brave the Bering Sea again! So instead I’ll share a photo from our Saturday fun. Saturday was Alaska Flag day, the day which commemorates the creation of the Alaskan Flag (which fun fact was designed by an Aleut boy, Benny Benson). The flag has 8 gold stars, 7 which make up the Big Dipper and 1 which symbolizes the North Star. We tried to take a team photo posing for Alaska flag day by all making the sign for star but I couldn’t stop laughing/shivering long enough to pose! Whose idea was it to go swimming anyways…oh wait, it was mine. What was I thinking?!? #alaskaflagday #BeringSea #WAYKSummerAtka


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