Day 42 #robyns2016summeradventure

So as of today I am officially halfway through my summer in Atka, which is crazy! It feels like time is going by too fast, especially on a day like today when I learned so much and can see how much more there is to experience. I had two awesome language sessions today and got to play around with some fun verb constructions. The best parts of my day however were the times I got to spend with Sally, one of then fluent elders we’re working with, listening to her stories and learning from her. Including this evening when Sally and Crystal invited us interns to watch them cut up seal blubber and jar it to make seal oil. It was a fascinating process and I feel very honoured that we got to learn about this very traditional Unangax̂ practice. The seal oil will be ready in a few weeks and I’m already looking forward to trying it again! Also, in case you were wondering, it is possible to fit four adults on a 4-wheeler, and this “ussie” proves it! #itsforthelanguage #WAYKsummerAtka #Atka #Alaska


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