Day 41 #robyns2016summeradventure

Happy June-July! It was super nice to have another relaxing day off today but I was really missing the big Fourth of July celebration in St. Paul and the #WAYKsummerStPaul team! Especially my American counterpart Casey Boyette! I channeled my inner-Casey today though and together with Erin (who I affectionately refer to as Casey 2.0) we made a favourite meal of mine that Casey introduced me too last summer, split-pea soup and biscuits! As most of you probably know I’m a pretty avid baker but I’ve gotten so out of practice since I’ve been here that I read the recipe wrong and ended up making 40 biscuits instead of 16..haha oops! Good thing they were all still delicious! I guess I’m just going to have to get back to my regular routine of baking once a week to keep my brain sharp #itsforthelanguage #WAYKsummerAtka


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